American On-Site Services

American On Site Storage Spokane
Provides Private Individuals, Contractors and Governmental Agencies with a single source for a full-range of temporary site services. We offer Portable Sanitation Units, Office Trailers, Locked Storage Containers, Temporary Fencing and Constructions site cleanup. Our Temporary Services are designed to meet State and Local structural codes, public health and sanitation standards, OSHA regulations. All products are backed & serviced by a highly qualified staff.


  • Portable Restrooms
  • Temporary Fencing
  • Locked Storage Containers
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Roll-Off Container Service

Self Haul

To one of our 3 Recycled Yard Locations
Northside · Spokane Valley · West Plains

Materials we accept include: Wood, Metal, Cardboard, Construction Debris, Inert Material, Mixed Recyclables and more..